Wall Mounted and 5S Storage by Rousseau

Many Rousseau products are offered with in a wall mounted version to better organize, maximize available space and keep floors unburdened. With wall mounted applications, cleaning is easy and everything in kept at hand's reach.

Over the years, Rousseau has developed many different storage solutions to meet the standards of the 5S methodology. The aim of this Japanese technique is to continuously improve the work environment. Its name comes from the same first letter used to illustrate its five fundamental principles: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. It is designed to optimize organization and efficiency of the work environment by ensuring each tool is in the right place, easy to find and well identified.

A choice of 20 standard colors is also available to color code your 5S management.

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  • To store small- and medium-sized tools with visual identification close to the worker or in a store;
  • Completely flat surface, which makes visual identification easy, using photos, P-touch, stickers or WM91 adhesive decal;
  • The panels overlap to anchor in the same anchoring zones;
  • The hardware is positioned between two panels, making them very easy to assemble;
  • Vertical installation in keeping with architectural standards, using 16" c/c (16 holes) uprights;
  • Compatible with our heavy-duty hooks;
  • Compatible with our light hooks;
  • Compatible with WM21 shelves.
  • 300 lb. capacity (wall and wall anchoring must be strong enough);
  • Up to 500 lb. capacity for a combination of 3 uprights;
  • Perforated on front face at 1" c/c intervals for optimum adjustment of accessories;
  • Wall anchoring not included;
  • Compatible accessories (space between uprights must be 28" or 34" c/c):
    ––WM18 cantilever overhead supports
    ––WM20 tiltable shelf
    ––WM22 tiltable pan
    ––WM27 structural shelf supports
    ––WM28 plastic bin rail
    ––WM31 wire spool support
    ––WM40 power outlet channel
    ––WM55 louvered panel for plastic bins
    ––WM59 utility panel
    ––WM75 storage cabinet
    ––RD00 wall cabinet (with RD08 adaptors)
    ––WM Adaptor NC50 (with tool rack)
    ––NC10 / NC12)
  • Our family of hooks makes it possible for you to store several types of parts, tools and accessories adequately. Compatible with
    the panels currently available on the market (1/4" holes), Rousseau perforated panels (WM51,WM53, WM56, SH38, SH39 and SR39)
    and utility panels (WM57, WM59, SH67, SH68, SH69, RC93 and RC94, ).
  • A wide selection of identification accessories enables you to organize your work space efficiently. Identifying parts, tools and accessories increases your team's efficiency, makes it easier to take inventory, increases productivity and prevents the misplacement or loss of expensive tools. Taking the time to organize things well can save you time and money.


The catalog below will detail ALL of the information needed to request a quote.  Wall Mounted Storage specifications, part numbers, colors, etc. are included.

Send an email to: sales@custom-products.com with your RFQ or give us a call (888-444-1202 or 651-452-0113).  We will provide a formal, written quote within 24 hours.  Please include your complete company information, contact name, ship to address, phone number and email address. 
Detail the quantity required for each item being quoted.

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Note: The catalog below is a large file (69 Mb) so download may take time.

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Standard lead time for most catalog items is 2-3 weeks.

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