Shelving With Sloped Shelves by Rousseau

Rousseau shelving with sloped shelves provides superior-quality gravity flow storage that integrates perfectly with other products in our Spider® family. This unique product is available in a wide range of dimensions and configurations to fulfill your exact requirements.

With an average sloped of 15 degrees, sloped shelves are perfect for rear loading applications ( flow rack ). These units help to create a "first in, first out" ( FIFO ) system. Shelving units without rear access are also available for more conventional storage.

Sloped shelves provide optimum visibility for items stored on shelves above the user's eye level. For shelves below this level, the extra angle reduces visibility of the shelf contents. If visibility is more important than flow in your system, we recommend installing lower, right-angle BOX shelves ( SH20/21 ).

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  • For gravity flow storage;
  • Includes a heavy-duty front edge to keep stored items in place. Front edge height: 1 3/8" ;
  • 20 gauge steel shelves (painted steel) ;
  • Shelf is placed on galvanized steel side supports (included) ;
  • Perforations for SH52 dividers and SH57 dividing guides in 1 1/2'' increments c/c ;
  • SH52 dividers are available for 18“ and 24“ deep shelving only ;
  • Extra perforations have been added to the sides to optimize alignment of the divider or guide with the post and to prevent stored items from falling ;
  • Height adjustable in 1" increments except if SR35 or SR36 brackets are used ( in which case, adjustment is in 2" increments ) ;
  • Sloped shelves and non-sloped SH20/21 BOX shelves can be combined in the same unit ;
  • Sloped shelf load capacity : 450 lb. ;


The catalog below will detail ALL of the information needed to request a quote.  Shelving with Sloped Shelves specifications, part numbers, colors, etc. are included.

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