HY-500 Hydraulic Pinch Off Tool Handset

HY-500 Hydraulic Pinch-Off Tool

The HY-500 Pinch Off Tool is configured to pinch off and cold weld 1/4" - 1/2" diameter OFHC copper tubing (or equal).  Available with a variety of hydraulic pumps to match your production application.  Refer to the pump section for more details on the various options.

When considering the use of this tool for your cold welding application, we suggest you send us samples of your tubing for test and evaluation prior to purchase.  A complete test report will be provided to the customer prior to ordering.  Photos or video of your application should also be submitted so we can fully understand your application and confirm that this tool will perform properly. 

Data sheets and catalogs can be found in the tab section below.

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HY-500 Hydraulic Pinch Off Tool


HY-500 Hydraulic Pinch Off Tool

HY-500 Hydraulic Pinch Off Tool with standard pump

Hydraulic tool for cold welding 1/4" - 1/2" OFHC copper tubes (or equal).

Standard jaw angle: 45-deg.  Other jaw angles available as custom, build-to-order.

Precision carbide pinch-off rollers provide a clean, dependable cold welded hermetic seal.

Tube temper is critical when attempting to achieve a cold weld. 

Multiple pump options available. 

  Cold welded tubing


Below are examples of some custom Pinch Off Jaw configurations that have been built to meet very specific customer requirements to accommodate clearance or tool access issues.  The standard HY-500 is equipped with the 45-degree angle jaws, as shown above.  However that does not always work for every customer application.  Custom pinch off tools, like the examples below, are specifically designed around each customers application and are classified as build-to-order, which typically carries a lead time of 8-10 weeks.  If you have a specific pinch off application that may require a modified tool, contact us directly.  Be prepared to provide us with application details, drawings, video, samples and any other details that will assist us in designing a tool for your specific application.

NOTE: The pumps we provide with a complete pinch-off system are to be serviced and warranted by the pump manufacturer.  CPS does not service or warrant these pumps.  The are offered as a convenience.  The end user has the option of purchasing their own pump, hydraulic hose and pressure gauge.  If that option is prefered, be certain the pump can be adjusted down into the 3000 - 4500 psi hydraulic pressure range for use with these pinch off tools.  Excess hydraulic pressure will severly damage the jaws and internal components.



HYX-120 Hydraulic Pinch Off Tool, Straight (0-degree jaws).  Pinch off and hermetically cold weld .187" - .250" OFHC and Annealed Copper Tubing.  Build-to-Order Tool.  May be used with any of the hydraulic pumps we offer.  Contact CPS for details.

Custom hydraulic pinch off tool with modified straight jaws to cold weld .500" annealed copper tubing



Hydraulic Pump Options

Hydraulic Pumps for HY-Series Pinch Off Tool

Select the pump that best meets your production requirements

2 pump options for air / hydraulic operation

1 pump option for electric / hydraulic operation

For more information, go to the hydraulic pump section.



The catalog below will provide complete information on each model, including a breakdown of repair parts, cold welding specifications, pump options, etc.

HY-Series Hydraulic Pinch-Off Tool Catalog


Cold Welding White Paper

HY Tool Preventative Maintenance

The video below shows the proper procedure for replacing the jaw springs on any of the HY series hydraulic handsets.  To prevent damage to the jaw springs when replacing them, please follow this procedure carefully.  Jaw springs should be checked periodically to insure they are not twisted or broken, as a broken spring can effect the pinch off process.

Jaw Spring Replacement Procedure - Video


Parts Drawings and Handset Repair Manual

Parts and Repair Manual


Procedure for replacing jaw springs

Jaw Spring Replacement Procedure - Video


Video of HY Tool with Air / Hydraulic Pump

Video of HY Tool with Electric / Hydraulic Pump

The video below shows the proper procedure for replacing the jaw springs on any of the HY series hydraulic handsets.  To prevent damage to the jaw springs when replacing them, please follow this procedure carefully.  Jaw springs should be checked periodically to insure they are not twisted or broken, as a broken spring can effect the pinch off process.

Jaw Spring Replacement Procedure - Video



Hydraulic Pinch-Off Handsets and Jaws

All handsets are jaws are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.  Pinch-Off jaws are not warranted against breakage unless defects are confirmed by CPS.  Any warranty claims must be submitted in writing for review.

Hydraulic Pumps

All hydraulic pumps supplied by Custom Products & Services, Inc for use with the Pinch-Off Tools are warranted by the pump manufacturer only.  All warranty related repairs must be performed by one of the pump manufacturers authorized service centers.  Custom Products & Services can assist you with trouble-shooting pump issues or locating a service center, but the end user is responsible for contracting directly with the pump service center to perform repairs, as needed.  This insures that the pump warranty remains in effect.  The customer has the option of purchasing a pump from a local vendor, but should contact CPS to insure the pump being purchased is compatible and configured properly to work with the Pinch Off Tool Handset.  Pumps should always be equipped with a good quality pressure gauge to insure the tool is operated at the correct pressure for the application. 

For end users located outside of the United States or Canada, research local hydraulic pump suppliers to confirm the availability of repair and service for the pumps being supplied.  If a repair center is not available in your area or country, we can assist you in locating the nearest facility.  Transportation charges (both ways) will apply, even if the repairs are under warranty.  

Contact CPS with any questions concerning this warranty policy.



The hydraulic pinch-off tools detailed in this product section are typically used in applications where achieving a dependable, repeatable cold welded, hermetic seal is critical. As a result, we do NOT accept orders or ship these tools until the following procedures have been completed. 


Contact CPS to discuss your application in detail. 

You will be requested to submit samples of your tubing.  All samples should be at least 3" long.  If your application involves subjecting your tubing to any secondary operations such as heat cycling (bake out) or brazing (near the area to be pinched-off), then your samples should also be run through those processes prior to submitting.  The cold welding process is sensitive to tube temper, so providing the proper samples will allow us to duplicate your process and get an accurate test result.

Send Samples to:

Custom Products & Services, Inc

6286 Claude Way E.

Inver Grove Heights, MN. 55076

ATTN: Jim Norton

Advise if your tubes will be subjected to pressure or vacuum, and at what levels.

Whenever possible, please submit photos or video detailing your application.  This allows us to determine the proper tool configuration.  If solid model drawing are available for the components being processed, that is helpful also. (Refer to the CONTACT US tab and send to Technical Support)

Advise your estimated number of tubes to be processed with this tool per hour / per shift.  This helps to determine the proper hydraulic pump to be recommended.

Once this information has been provided and tube samples have been tested, a full test report and quote will be provided for customer review.  Once accepted by the customer, a purchase order can be submitted for processing.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding the use of these hydraulic tools with your application. 

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If your application for a pinch-off tool is short term (1-3 weeks), or if you simply aren't ready to commit to a purchase, the HY-250 is available for rent.  Customers within the continental U.S. or Canada qualify.  

If this is the first time that you would be using the hydraulic pinch-off tool, we request that you provide us with samples of the tubing that will be processed using this tool so we can verify tool permance with your tubing and also allow us to properly calibrate the hydraulic pump.  

The rental tool is only available with our standard air / hydraulic pump system, so you will need compressed air in your facility to power the pump.

Contact us by phone (651-452-0113 or 888-444-1202) or email (sales@custom-products.com) so we can discuss your application.