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Electronic cutting pliers, tool reconditioning

Why buy new when fully reconditioned will do?

Replacing electronic diagonal cutters, pliers, tweezers, probes and other small electronic assembly tools is getting costly. The average price of a pair of 4-1/2"diagonal cutters is $30.00 - $60.00, or more.

Precision cutting tweezers, tool reconditioning

Why replace a tool when there is a great deal of­useful life remaining?

The average diagonal cutter can be resharpened and refurbished 2-4 times before replacement is necessary. The same thing is true for­most other small electronic assembly tools. Let us show you the economics of refurbishing these tools instead of replacing them

Needle Nose Pliers, tool reconditioning

What is included in the reconditoning process?

Reconditioning differs between tools, however all tools will get sharpened back to original specs. All tools will be cleaned, lubricated­and aligned back to original specifications. Shaping of the cutting edges is also done to allow for the most effective reconditioning of the tool. Once finished the tool is­buffed / polished and new PVC grips (if applicable) are applied.

Tool reconditioning Services.  Refurbish your quality electronic cutters, pliers, tweezers, probes and wire strippers

Which ­tools can be reconditioned?

Many types of precision hand­tools can be reconditioned. We can work with many types of pliers like­electronic cutting pliers or diagonal and side cutting pliers. We can also restore many­types of­crimping tools, tweezers, probes, and picks. We can bring those old tools back to life for a fraction of the price of new.­



Custom Products & Services, Inc., Inver Grove Heights, MN


Cutting & Needle Nose Pliers

Diagonal cutters, forged.Needle Nose Pliers

  • Tweezer tips are aligned and straightened
  • Cutting tweezers are sharpened and aligned
  • Tips are precision ground to OEM specifications
  • Tools are inspected under 2x magnification
  • Lubricated and packaged for shipment
  • Non-repairable tools are returned to customer, no charge

Precision and Cutting Tweezers
Precision and Cutting Tweezers
  • Joints are tightened and aligned
  • Broken or missing springs are replaced
  • Cutting jaws are precision ground
  • Tools are inspected under 2x magnification
  • Lubricated and packaged for shipment
  • Non-repairable tools are returned to customer, no charge

Download order forms and white paper below

Tool reconditioning price sheet-11-09.pdf

Tool reconditioning price sheet-11-09.xls

Tool Reconditioning White Paper.pdf




What other tools can be refurbished?­

  • Pneumatic tool cutter heads
  • Probes, and picks
  • Industrial scissors
  • Wire strippers


­What other services are available?

  • Add or remove serrations from pliers
  • Install retrofit ergonomic handles
  • Modify cutting edges for custom applications

We welcome the opportunity to show you how tool reconditioning can save you money and allow you to double or triple the useful life of your tools.­ SEND US 3 or 4 OF YOUR TOOLS ALONG WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION AND WE WILL RECONDITION THOSE TOOLS AT NO CHARGE AND RETURN THEM TO YOU FOR EVALUATION.­­ You only need to pay the inbound freight to CPS.­ We will return the tools to you at NO COST and we will cover the return freight.­


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