Basik Bench Welded Cantilever

The BASIK bench provides an economical option for your assembly or production workbench requirements.  The fully welded C-Frame provides stability and strength for those heavy duty applications.  Perfect for laboratory, clean room or even heavy duty industrial assembly applications.  Available in powder coated steel or stainless steel.  

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We recommend the specifications of the room layout be determined in advance of ordering the actual workstations. The end result is a well planned design that meets your requirements, saves money, and provides your personnel with an ergonomically designed, productive work area. 

Fully welded "C" frame construction

Available Widths: 48", 60" or 72"

Available Worksurface Heights: 30" or 36"

Available Accessory Uprights: 72"

Options include: Shelving, Power Bars, Drawers,Task Lights, and more



Reference the catalogs below to select the size and bench finish required.

Contact CPS at 888-444-1202 or email: to order


Ordering details for BASIK Bench:

BASIK Bench Ordering Guide.pdf


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