Powerflor Power and Data Ports

Our Universal outlet grommet is factory installed, in any combination of the four panel quadrants.  This allows for integration of the correlating communication (data) or electrical components per specification.  Considering that each 50cm square panel can accommodate up to 4 outlet or data grommets, there is no power or data requirement that can't be met with the Powerflor system. 

The ports, duplex power outlets, data outlets and any required data connectors are all included with Powerflor.  In addition, all the pre-terminated power cables supplied with the system simply plug directly into each duplex outlet.  A true plug-and-play system.  No hard wiring required for any of the power outlets installed in the Powerflor

Data or communication cables can also be included, at customers request.  Reference the cabling section for more information.

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Grommet Port Dimension:
4" Diameter
3 oz.
Port Color:

Ports will accept the Powerflor duplex power outlets, dual or quad data connections or dual A/V jacks

Ports can be modified to accept any type of communication connector.

Each Powerflor 50cm x 50cm panel can accommodate up to 4 grommet ports.

More information is available in the Cabling Section


This document is an excerpt from the complete installation manual. 

Electric System Installation

For complete installation procedures, download the complete manual below:

Complete Installation Manual.pdf (4 mb)