Powerflor Low Profile, Raised Floor Panel

The cornerstone feature is our raised floor panel molded of lightweight, strength re-enforced polycarbonate resin. Designed and tested to meet the highest industry load bearing standards, this composite material is PVC free and 100% recyclable.

Each full (50cm x 50cm) raised floor panel consists of four (4) of our 25cm x 25cm pedestals factory assembled to the 50cm carpet square (carpet color / pattern specified by the customer) resulting in a "quad section" panel assembly.  The pedestals are secured to the carpet using a hot melt glue process that assures proper adhesion.  Each complete panel weighs 8 lbs while capable of supporting loads up to 50,000 lbs per square foot.  Each panel measures 3" High (including carpet).  The completed floor panel allows all 4 of the 25cm pedestals to hinge at both center and cross-center lines, allowing the panel to sit firmly on the sub-floor without rocking.  The conjoined quad section panel creates a stable platform, and can be provided with any 50cm square carpet tile of your choice.

The Powerflor outlet grommets are factory installed, in any combination of the four quadrants.  This allows for integration of the correlating communication or electrical components per specification. Each full panel can accommodate up to 4 power or data ports.

The Powerflor panels are NOT mechanically secured to the sub-floor.  In effect, this "floating floor" is contained by the four walls in the room.  For applications where the Powerflor must be installed without available walls, a short, 3" high frame is constructed on-site to simulate a wall and then secure the floor.  The floating floor design allows any panel to be relocated with any other panel, or replaced easily with no special tools or skilled labor.  



PowerFlor video link on YouTube

PowerFlor Video on YouTube (3 Minutes)


50cm x 50cm x 3" H
8 lbs. (including carpet) 
Panel: Black     Carpet: Selected by customer
Carpet Warranty:
Based upon carpet manufacturers warranty
10 Years 
Weight Capacity:
50,000 lbs Sq / Ft 
The Carpet Warranty is covered by our primary supplier, Milliken.
The Polycarbonate Floor panels are warranted for 10 years


By clicking on the link above, you can provide us with the information detailed below.  

Begin by sending us a dimensional drawing of your room.­ Email­ the drawing to: Info@custom-products.com.­

Whenever possible, indicate the quantity and approximate locations for the power, data or A/V outlets as needed for your application. Once this information is received, you will be contacted by a design engineer to­ confirm your requirements and answer your questions.­

Next, we will provide you with a preliminary shop drawing for your review.­ (See examples by clicking the DRAWINGS" tab in this section).  Any changes will be noted and amended drawings will be resubmitted.­ When all changes have been completed, a final drawing will be provided for customer approval and signature.­ A quote will be presented based upon the final drawing.­ Our quotes will include materials, freight and complete on-site installation.­ There will NEVER be any hidden costs.­ Should you require changes to power / data ports­ prior to, during or after installation, very minor charges may apply.­ We will carefully discuss all options­ with you during the design / quote process.

Should you have questions as you gather this information together, please give us a call at 888-444-1202 or 651-452-0113