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A raised floor cable management solution

The PowerFlor system is as much a concept as it is a product.

 What is PowerFlor?

PowerFlor is the ONLY completely integrated raised floor, modular, plug-and-play cable management system on the market. Perfect for offices, media centers, 911 dispatch centers, libraries, control rooms, classrooms, training rooms, government centers, and much more. PowerFlor provides access to power outlets, voice, data & video ports wherever you need them. Change or relocate these outlets and ports when and where you need them or anytime you need to reconfigure your room. Is this just a concept? No, it's a reality !


Why PowerFlor?

PowerFlor is a "cable management system" that just happens to be configured into a raised floor. PowerFlor panels are not permanently attached to the floor. These raised floor panels and outlets can be moved and relocated as needed. Total flexibility and control over how your power, data and voice outlets are utilized.  PowerFlor pedestals come complete with carpet already installed.  Ramps and railings can be added for entryways as needed. Power and data ports are pre-installed and ready to accept the cables. PowerFlor is truly a turnkey system, from design all the way through installation.

The concept of PowerFlor is:

To achieve complete flexibility with full accessibility in a reusable, reconfigurable raised floor system. PowerFlor allows you to relocate power / data ports whenever needed. Need to add additional ports?  No problem.  Adding additional services can be done quickly and easily, with very little expense. No need to hire contract labor. PowerFlor is truly plug-and-play.

How is the floor installed?

PowerFlor installation is provided through our certified installers and is always included in our proposals. In the section below, you can download the installation procedure. It should be noted that installing PowerFlor is accomplished in a fraction of the time when compared to nearly any other process used to bring power and data into your room or facility. Time is money. Project delays and change orders are never an issue when using PowerFlor.

How do I get a quote for my facility?

Download the Site Survey form, listed below. Fax it to (651)-452-2264 or e-mail the survey to:  Whenever possible, please include a dimensional drawing of the room where the PowerFlor is to be installed. Once this information is received, you will be contacted by a design engineer to confirm your requirements and answer your questions. Next, we will provide you with a preliminary drawing for your review.  Any changes will be noted and amended drawings will be resubmitted. When all changes have been made, a final drawing will be provided for customer approval and signature. A quote will be presented based upon the final drawing. Our quotes will include materials, freight and complete on-site installation.  There will NEVER be any hidden costs.  Should you require changes to power / data ports prior to, during or after installation, very minor charges may apply. We will carefully discuss all options with you during the design / quote process.

The finished product.

Clean and seamless. If it weren't for the ramps in the entryways, you would never know you're standing on PowerFlor. The finished installation will look just like any other carpeted room, except you are now standing on the most versatile, reconfigurable raised floor cable management system on the market. You will never need to tear up another floor or use power drops / poles again. No more extension cords or quick-fix solutions to get your power and data ports where you need them.

Click on the image below to view a
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work in your facility
PowerFlor video link on YouTube
PowerFlor Video on YouTube
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CPS line sheet

CPS Line Sheet 2014

PowerFlor is proudly made in the USA

Powerflor Cable Management
Powerflor carpeted raised floor pedestals

PowerFlor Components

Details of the PowerFlor components

  • Polycarbonate raised floor panels with pre-attached carpet
  • Duplex power outlets (up to 4 per panel)
  • Duplex data outlets (up to 4 per panel)
  • Voice, fiber optic, and audio / video outlets available
  • Power and data cable whips (up to 4 circuits per cable)
  • Relocate power or data wherever needed - no tools required
  • Easily add power or data outlets to the existing system to meet future expansion requirements
  • Ramps and railings also included
  • PowerFlor pedestals are not permanently attached to the floor
  • PowerFlor utilizes all standard AMP outlets and cable interfaces
  • All PowerFlor projects are quoted delivered AND installed
  • Depreciation (for tax purposes) is treated the same as your furniture or carpeting, not the building or anything else permanently attached to it.

Specifications and installation data

 PowerFlor system technical specifications and information

  • Catalogs 
  • Installation procedures and images
  • Component specifications
  • White Papers
  • Trade publications