The 60223-PLC combines the adjustable arm with a laptop clamp to securely hold your laptop in place. 

Weight capacity for this system is 5-15 lbs. which is usually sufficient for most all laptops.  If you require more weight capacity, please contact CPS. 

The adjustable arm provides vertical positioning from the vertical (Up) to horizontal (down) positions.  The laptop mounting bracket provides left / right pivot and forward / back tilt. 

Mounting solutions available for 1", 1.5" or 2" diameter tubing (poles).  Note: If your poles are built from pipe instead of tubing, the standard pole mount brackets may not be compatible due to outside dimension variance. 

CPS can provide poles that are worksurface, floor or ceiling mounted.  Pole Options

Color choices are light gray or black.  

Reference the ORDER GUIDE tab in the section below to find the specific arm configuration that meets your application requirements.


Modular Design
These arm systems consist of modular components that can be added or removed to meet the users specific application requirements.  Supporting your LCD display, keyboard, laptop or some other type of equipment can be accomplished with a variety of arm configurations found throughout this product section. 
Manufactured using high quality aluminum die castings and aluminum extrusions.  Built for commercial and industrial applications in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, electronics, medical, military, government, schools and universities.  The keyboard platform is manufactured from high impact phenolic for durability and cosmetic appeal.  Wrist rest is included.  The adjustable mouse tray is an option that can be ordered separately.
Industrial quality powder coat finish.  Most components available in light gray or black.  Keyboard platform is black only.
VESA Compatible
75mm or 100mm
Range of Motion
Adjustable Arm: Left / Right Pivot, 90-degree Vertical adjustment (vertical up to horizontal down). Laptop Clamp: Left / Right Pivot, Forward / Back Tilt. 
Easy to Install
Installation takes less than 15 minutes using common hand tools. 




Part Number:
60223-PLC (See Order Guide tab for specifics)
Weight Capacity:
5-15 lbs.
Adjustable Arm Dimensions:
15" L (Pivot point to pivot point)
Laptop Clamp Dimensions:
9-1/2" D x 9-1/2" W
Mouse Tray Dimensions
9" W x9" D
Color / Finish:
Black or Light Gray Powder Coated Finish
1 year from date of purchase
Shipping Method:
FedEx or UPS


Pole Mount (2.0" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Light Gray 5-15 60223PLC-20-AL-G
Pole Mount (2.0" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Black 5-15 60223PLC-20-AL-B
Pole Mount (1.5" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Light Gray 5-15 60223PLC-15-AL-G
Pole Mount (1.5" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Black 5-15 60223PLC-15-AL-B
Pole Mount (1.0" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Light Gray 5-15 60223PLC-10-AL-G
Pole Mount (1.0" Dia) Adjustable Arm + Laptop Clamp, Black 5-15 60223PLC-10-AL-B
Mouse Tray, Black Only (Optional)   P24-12-10-B
  • Platform Pivot Bracket (21-14)
  • Laptop Clamp (24-06)
  • Adjustable Arm (22-04-3) Light Duty or (22-04-5) Heavy Duty
  • Pole Mount Bracket (25-40-Q) or (25-42-Q)
  • Split Sleeves (25-42-SS) Based on Pole Mount Diameter 
  • Hardware