Hydraulic Pumps for Pinch Off Tool

Hydraulic Pump Options for Pinch-Off Tools

The hydraulic pump options shown here will be compatible with ANY of the hydraulic pinch off tools listed.  Pump choice will be determined by budget and your requirement for pinch-off cycles per hour or per day.  In most cases, cold welding with this type of tool are not often used in high volume production applications (300 cycles / day or more), so any of the pumps shown on the left will work well.  Should you have an application where your volume exceeds 300 cycles / day or intend to operate the tool on a continuous use bases, refer to the booster pump option below.

3 of these pumps are Air / Hydraulic units, and 1 pump is electric / hydraulic. Specifications for each of the pumps are detailed below.

In most cases, these pinch-off tools are supplied to our customers complete with handset, hydraulic pump, hydraulic hose (with quick-disconnect fittings), hydraulic pressure gauge and foot switch control.

Please allow us the opportunity to assist you with selecting the proper pump and handset combination best suited for your application.

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