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 V Six Vac

V-6 Vac for 2-6 stations

The V6 is the ultra quiet (59 dbA) vac system due to it's brushless motor design.  Often used in lab environments where 1-6 stations must be serviced by a single unit.  Specifically designed for die stone use, porcelain, and all other dry material. Very popular in dental labs where buffing and grinding soft materials requires high efficiency dust collection.  Often used in conjunction with the Vaniman Micro-Abrasive blasting system. This system has an exclusive built-in electric filter cleaning system. It can filter dust with true HEPA filtration - captures 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns.  2 year warranty.

P/N 10280

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V-6 Vac System

#10280: V-6 Vac System for 1-6 stations w/ HEPA filter

V-6 Dimensions: 41" x 26" x 25"

V-6 Wt: 136 lbs.

Vac system for use with 1-6 stations

Brushless motor for continuous use

Ultra Quiet (59 dbA)

HEPA Filtration

Variable speed control

Push button "Air Pulse" filter maintenance system

Optional Accumulator (recommended)

Optional Autopilot Controller (Plus only)

2 year warranty





Dry powder,

Sanding precious




High production

All types of debris 

 Van-I-Vac  *    
 Voyager  *    
 Abrasive Vac  *  *  
 Stone Vac II  *  *  *
V-6  *  *  *


PRODUCTS Work Stations Plumbing Size Maximum plumbing run


1 1 @ 1-1/2" 6 ft
Voyager 1-2

1 @ 2-12"

2 @ 1-1/2"

8 ft
Abrasive Vac 1 1 @ 1-1/2"-2-1/2" 6 ft
Stone Vac II 1-4

1 @ 1-1/2" - 3"

2@ 1-1/2" - 2-1/2"

3-4 stations - CALL

10 ft
V-6 2-6

2 @ 4"

4 @ 2-1/2"

4 @ 3"

5-6 Stations - CALL

Will be specified

when application

is detailed


When preparing to order any of the Vaniman Dust Collection Systems, please refer to the Application Guide.  This will assist you in selecting the correct blasting and vac system for your application.

Dust Collection Vac Selection Guide

Contact Custom Products and Services by phone (888-444-1202) or Email:  You can also discuss your application via our online chat.

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Dust Collection Vac Selection Guide

Technical tips - dust collection systems

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