Dental Drawer Down Draft Vac

Dental Drawer S Downdraft - NEW

Compact and economical downdraft unit that is equipped with drawer slides for installation inside a built-to-fit cabinet.  Installation for under-worksurface will be available soon.

An all-in-one, compact, dental dust collector drawer unit that is designed for small offices and areas where quick suction is needed. It is ideal for smaller offices and dental labs and works best during operatory use or as a space-saving dust collector where primary suction cannot be plumbed.

P/N 10451

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Model #10451

Current models mount inside a cabinet built to fit the unit

Under Worksurface mount option coming soon.

High-Performance Motor

Same high suction as the Voyager Vac

Easy To Use Control Panel

Easy To Maintain

Pop-up Debris Shield

Fills “Gaps” Where Normal Plumbed Suction Can’t Go

Fits Most Standard Drawers

EZ Replacement Filter

1 Year Warranty


Installation Instructions

Drawer Front Hinges

Drill-Hole Pattern Layout

Dental Drawer S All-In-One Unit

Power Chord

Standard Drawer Rail (attached)

Fits most standard drawer sizes.

Default Drawer size: 14.05″ W x 22.00" L x 8" H

Shipping Box Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 8" H

Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.

The Dental Drawer S Downdraft unit is a self contained system that is designed for table top use.  It is not typically used for heavy industrial applications, but instead is designed for small labs or operatory applications.  For production labs or continuous use, please reference the Dust Collection Vac Selection Guide below:

Dust Collection Vac Selection Guide

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