Euro Design Systems: Classroom, training room, and mutli-meida furniture

Multimedia and Classroom Furniture Solutions

Durable and functional wood casework

Made  in the USA!

Corner desks and furniture by Euro Design

What we can do for you.....
  • All furniture is built to order, to your specifications
  • Collaborate with you and your staff to bring ideas to reality
  • Produce detailed drawings for your approval
  • High quality furniture at competitive prices

Wall mounted cabinets and shelves by Euro Design

Standard or Customized....
  • Minor changes typically do not affect price
  • Significant changes usually incur just minor price adjustments
  • Numerous options that span the entire product line
  • No fee for customizing
  • Wide selection of colors

Custom classroom furniture to meet a variety of applications.Let Us Help....

The product section below will outline the multiple options for multimedia and classroom furniture offered.  Let Custom Products & Services, Inc. help you find a solution to your high school or college classroom, lab, conference room, and more. With multiple color options and styles, you will find the right solution for your application.  If a custom solution is required, we can help you with that as well.

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All Euro Design products are proudly made in the USA!

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Concept series Lecterns. High qaulity and durable lecterns for clssrooms and training rooms

Concept Series Lecterns

(Concept-ML, Concept-TD, Concept-AV)

  • Built with 1-5/8" or 2" round tubing
  • 3/4" Laminate, with both sides laminated
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • Full extension laptop / keyboard tray
  • Integrated wire conduit
  • Frame is fully powdercoated
  • 3" industrial casters with 2 brakes
  • 2-3/8" wire grommets
  • Multiple color selections
  • Available w/ melamine or laminate finish
  • Three series of Concept lecterns

The Concept series is a newer series of lecterns designed to bring the highest quality to the customer.  With customizable options and colors,  these lecterns will be a great addition to your lecture room, classroom, or training room.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and Melamine Colors

Frame and Edge Colors

Lecterns for classrooms and training rooms


(Table, Laptop, Mobile, Multi-Media Lecterns)

  • Constructed with 3/4" melamine or laminate
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • All frames powdercoated
  • Mobile: Standard twin wheel casters
  • All steel framework (when applicable)
  • Available lockable panels

All of the lecterns are designed to fit different requirements. We have the ability to customize and modify any of our existing designs, or design a custom lectern for you.  Call us with your requirements.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

** Lecterns **
The AV Desk line is afforable and durable, and will work well in any classroom or training room

AV Desks and Mobile Presentation Carts

(Multiple customizable options)

  • Built with 1" laminate tabletop and side panels
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • Multiple wire grommets on each tabletop
  • Comes with full modesty panel
  • Lockable rear access panels
  • Customizable heights available

The AV desks strike a fantastic balance of afforability and adaptability. With the ability to select the size and features that best meets your requirements, we can provide the perfect solution. Popular options include: pedestals, casters, keyboard trays, cabinet fans and more.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

** AV Desks **
These are a true workstation. The multi-media stations allow for multiple customizable options anf would work great in any classroom or training room

Multi-Media Stations

(MMS Series)

  • Built with 3/4" laminate, both sides laminated
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • All pull-out shelves have stainless steel slides
  • Lockable panels (CPU, Modesty, Access)
  • Two 3-1/8" wire grommets in side panels and top
  • 5" Toe Kick
  • Multiple customizing options available
  • Mobile units available
  • Open or lockable styles
  • Customizable drawer storage options

Regardless of the multi-media station you select, these are true workhorses capable of supporting all of your AV requirements. All multi-media stations feature a lockable drawer for a document camera, compartments for AV rack and CPU, pull out keyboard tray, and removable rear access panel. Popular options include: cut outs, monitor system, casters, drop levers, power, data, and communication outlets.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Multi-purpose desks from Euro Design are great for multiple classroom and training room solutions

Multi-Purpose Desks

(MPD Series)

  • Built with 2" square steel legs
  • 1" and 2" steel perimeter
  • Frame powdercoated (standard or hammertone)
  • 3/4" melamine for top, modesty panel and sides
  • Modesty and side panels are inserts
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • 30" standard height (height adjustable available)
  • Lockable access panel
  • Station load capacity 600 lbs
  • ADA compliant (non-height adjustable model)

Based upon a fully welded and powdercoated steel frame, these multi-purpose desks are both versatile and strong.The steel frame used with these multi-purpose desks is the heart of the station.  Not only does it create a strong and stable foundation, but also allows you to integrate electrically actuated hydraulics for easy vertical height adjustments of 8" 10" or 12".  Standard or custom multi-purpose desks can be provided.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

A great linup of KD office furniture, perfect for a classroom or lecture room

KD Office Furniture

(Desks, pedestals, hutches, file cabinets, etc.)

  • Multiple Items to create an entire office
  • All constructed with 3/4"-1" laminate or melamine
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • Lockable doors / drawer options available
  • Multiple pedestal drawer options
  • All stainless steel Euro hinges
  • Stainless steel drawer slides
  • Multiple customization options

The KD Office Furniture series is equally at home in the office or classroom.  Available with many different options and in virtually any size to meet your requirements.  This makes the KD Furniture one of the most versatile lines of office furniture available anywhere. High quality and durable office furniture.  Select from multiple colors.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Euro Design Wall mounted cabinets and credenzas

AV Wall Mounted Cabinets and Credenzas

(Custom heights available)

  • AV wall mounts are melamine only
  • Built with 3/4" melamine
  • 3mm PVC edge detail
  • 3-1/8" grommet in top and bottom of cabinet
  • Credenza has lockable rear access
  • Equipment rack rail
  • Credenzas come with 9" Euro handles
  • Multiple add-ons to choose from

Versatile AV wall mounted, or mobile cabinets and credenzas. Cabinets can be custom built to size or style required. Wall mounted cabinets have an open back with install strips, while the mobile cabinets and credenzas have a lockable access panel in the rear. All products are built with quality in mind.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Euro Design Science Lab Cabinets

Science Lab Cabinets

(Base cabinets, wall cabinets, lab tables, science blocks)

  • Constructed with 3/4" melamine
  • Drawer boxes built w/ 3/4" melamine (sides & bottom)
  • Table frames built with 2" steel tubing
  • All frames powdercoated (standard or hammertone)
  • Tabletops are 3/4" Trespa toplab lab surfaces
  • Stainless steel drawer slides.
  • Sink options available for lab stations and blocks
  • Double nozzle gascock options available

Choose from cabinets, tables or entire science blocks for your science lab.  All of this furniture is high quality, durable and designed to perform under the most challenging lab environments, including exposure to caustic chemicals.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Euro Design computer tables and classroom tables

Computer Tables and Classroom Tables

(Customizable arrangements)

  • Available in rectangle or trapezoid
  • Corner units and computer stations available
  • Available in rectangle or trapezoid
  • Stackable table options
  • Standard colors, or playful color options
  • Built with 1-1/2"-2" steel tube frame
  • 3/4"-1" tabletop options
  • Powdercoated frame

Tables and computer stations that will accommodate multiple seating arrangements for 4-24 people.  Multiple color options to meet nearly any decor.  Ideal for any classroom environment, from K-12 through college and university level.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Lecture room tables for college classrooms by Euro Design

Fixed College and Lecture Room Tables

(Built to your specifications)

  • Table pedestal built with 1-1/2" seamless steel
  • Frame is welded to a 6" x 8" floor flange
  • Steel brackets connect the 1" tabletop
  • Same brackets connect modesty panel
  • 1" laminate tabletop with backer
  • Powdercoated table pedestals
  • Vertical wire channel access in table leg
  • Optional 8 outlet power strip with 8' cord
  • Optional plastic wire management panel
  • Optional electric and data modules

These fixed tables are perfect for any college classroom, lecture room, high school AV rooms and many more applications.  Quality built, durable, and affordable.  Available with optional height adjustable hydraulic lift systems.  Over 50 powdercoat colors available. Contact CPS for more details on the Fixed College and Lecture Room tables.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors

Accessories for the full line of Euro Design classroom and training room furniture

Furniture and training room accessories for Euro Design

Classroom and Training Room Accessories

(Power, communication, keyboard, CPU, misc.)

  • Power and communication outlets
  • Flip up power and data outlets
  • Heat control 3" fans
  • Gooseneck light fixtures
  • Extension cords
  • Keyboard trays (fixed, adjustable)
  • CPU holder (lockable available)
  • Cabinet locks
  • Wire management cords
  • Optional casters for mobile units

Select a basic product and make it fit your requirements by adding the wide variety of accessories available. Lighting, power or data outlets, keyboard trays, CPU holders, keyboard platforms and various security options are examples of available add-ons. Let us help you customize a system for your facility.

Product Color PDF's

Laminate and melamine colors

Frame and edge colors


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