Eagle Group, carts & wire shelving, industrial, electronic and medical

Medical Carts, Healthcare Shelving Units, Cleanroom Racks

­­Eagle Security Carts

­Basket Carts, Utility Carts, Mobile Security Carts, Tote Carts

Specialty carts are useful in many applications.­­Mail carts, basket carts, two and three shelf utility carts, mobile security carts, tote carts, and more.­These carts are build with quailty in mind, and they are built to last.

­­Eagle wire or solid shelving systems

­Shelving Units

A wide­variety of shelving units to fit any application. Shelving styles include­solid or wire, mobile or stationary, zinc, chrome or galvanized finishes.­ Straight and angled shelving units are also available. Find the shelving unit the perfectly fits your application.

Cleanroom benches and cleanroom gowning benches

­Cleanroom Benches and Cleanroom Gowning Racks

Cleanroom Stainless steel and galvanized benches, cleanroom gowning racks, cleanroom carts­and more for your cleanroom application. Multiple styles available. All benches are built to last and are high qaulity. For more information contact Custom Products and Services.

Custom covers for racks, carts, equipment.  Standard or ESD materials available

Cart Covers

Custom cart and equipment covers for the industrial market, elctronic (ESD) and medical markets and more. These covers are made from a wie variety of quality materials and built to specific requirements. Add side flaps, zippers velcro and more to customize the covers to your specific requirements.

Medical and Healthcare shelving, suture carts, linen carts, exchange carts, stainless steel or chrome finish

­Medical and Healthcare Shelving, Suture Carts, Linen Carts, and Exchange Carts

A­wide variety of equipment for­the healthcare industry .­Linen carts,­secure exchange carts,­suture carts and more.­ If you need specialized carts for medical or cleanroom applications, please give us a call.

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Eagle is proudly built in the USA

Eagle Group, carts & wire shelving, industrial, electronic and medical


Cantilever wall shelving

Eagle Shelving Units

Medical, Electonic, Cleanroom, and Industrial

  • Wire or Solid Shelving
  • Stationary or Mobile Shelving
  • Chrome, Zinc, Stainless options

Straight or angled shelving units­ Specialty carts

Eagle provides a full lineup of both mobile and stationary wire shelving.­ Choose from both solid or wire shelving options. These shelving units are high quality and built to last.



eagle group, carts & wire shelving, industrial, electronic and medical


utility cart with solid 304 stainless shelves

Eagle Carts

Medical, Electronic, Cleanroom, and Industrial solutions

  • Utility carts - security carts
  • Reel shelf and burn-in carts
  • Tote bin carts - mail carts available

security carts, mobile or fixedsecurity carts, heavy duty

made in usa

Eagle provides a lineup of carts for the medical, electronic, and industrial industries. These carts are all high quality and built to last. cleanroom options also available.



** CARTS **


Eagle Group, Carts and wire shelving


Linen carts

Eagle Healthcare Carts

Chrome or Stainless Steel


  • Catheter Carts
  • Linen Carts
  • Patient Article
  • Surgical Procedure Carts
  • Inhalation Therapy Carts
  • Suture Carts


Inhalation Thereapy Carts for healtcare Catheter Proceedure Carts



Made in USA

Eagle Group, carts & wire shelving, industrial, electronic and medical


Cleanroom tables

Eagle Cleanroom Products

Stainless Steel Products

  • Gowning Benches
  • Gowning Racks
  • Perforated stainless tables
  • Solid Stainless Table

Stainless steel garment racks

Made in USA

Eagle provides a full linup of products for cleanroom applications. Tables, benches and gowning racks.


Eagle Group, carts & wire shelving, industrial, electronic and medical


Cart cover, opaque vinyl

Cart and Shelving Accessories

Add multiple accessories:

  • Cart Covers
  • Storage Bins
  • Casters
  • Levelers

Picture Description
CastersESD storage binsGreen-Black ESD Dissipative vinyl.  Green side is dissipative, black side is conductive

Made in USA

We provide a variety of accessories for the Eagle lineup. Add multiple accessories and customize your units to completly fit your application.