Lista International Launches New Dental Workbench Line with Vaniman's Dust Collection System

Lista International Launches a New Dental Workbench Line with Vaniman's Dust Collection System

Lista International, a world-leading producer of productivity-enhancing storage and workspace systems and Vaniman Manufacturing, the leader in dust collection systems for the Dental Laboratory industry, have teamed up to produce a new Dental Laboratory workspace system. This new system integrates Vaniman individual and multiple workstation dust collectors into Lista's Arlink 8000 modular ergonomic workstation

The Vanguard series dust collector provides one or two workstations with high suction and superior filtration. Vaniman engineers designed a new downdraft dust capture module and a removable, clear plastic dust shield that is integrated into the Arlink 8000 stainless steel work-plate.

The Vanguard dust collector is housed in a customized Arlink 8000 cabinet with a sliding tray that allows easy access to the unit for filter replacement and servicing. An on/off foot switch is included for ease of operation.

Vaniman offers other dust collection options that can easily be integrated into the Arlink 8000 modular design. The V-Six mini central dust collector can service up to six individual workstations at one time. PVC or ABS vacuum lines can be attached to the vertical supports then connected to the downdraft module by flexible hoses.

This new system is not just for the Dental Laboratory industry. Any manufacturer that requires a robust, flexible, and cost effective workstation for deburring, grinding, and trimming of small parts will find this system can be easily added to their existing production area.

Utilizing Small Dust Collectors in Automated Packaging and Processing Equipment

Utilizing Small Dust Collectors in Automated Packaging and Processing Equipment

Gregg Miller, Sales and Marketing Manager

Vaniman Manufacturing

In the last few years the demand and use of small dust collectors and filter systems that can be integrated into automated industrial processing equipment has been growing rapidly. While most of the demand is originating from pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing, their use is growing in industries such as rapid prototyping, hearing aid manufacturing, laser ablation and engraving, pneumatic sanding, and in research laboratories.

Most industrial dust collectors categorized as small are still too large to be integrated into automated packaging equipment, or at individual workstations. In addition, these small industrial dust collectors are typically high volume air movers, 150 cfm or greater, with low static pressure motors which require larger hoses. Also, the type of dust being collected must be taken into account as fine dust will block the air flow through the filters cutting down the suction at the collection point.

Small, high suction dust collectors employ high-speed turbine motors capable of generating up to 90 inches of static pressure and can be as small as 10” x 12” x 14” including filtration,. This compact size allows the equipment manufacturer the ability to place these dust collectors in or near their equipment and use small pick-up hoses to be positioned to capture any type of dust and debris at the source to protect delicate components. In addition, small cyclone pre-filters can be used in conjunction with these small dust collectors or integrated into an on-board suction system to protect the blowers from being contaminated with dust and debris. They also provide a means to capture, and reclaim, precious metal or expensive coatings and lubricants.



Vaniman provides dust collection and filtering solution for large food processor.

Vaniman Provides Dust Collection and Filtering Solution for Large Food Processor.

The frozen pie quality control line at Bama of Tulsa, Oklahoma teamed up with Sigpack Systems, a division of Bosch, and Vaniman Manufacturing to install an 18 robot system that incorporates a unique state-of-the-art vision quality control system which ensures that only pies of exact quality are accepted from the process equipment before being accurately placed into cases.

The frozen fruit pies exit the Bama freezer in rows and are directed by a packaging belt through nine Sigpack Systems Model XR31 Delta robots positioned on opposite sides of the belt. Once the quality of each pie passes Bama’s inspection criteria, gripping tools pick the pies and deposit them into shipping cases. The robots utilize a custom designed vacuum system that provides suction to the gripping tools. Eighteen Vaniman Accumulator cyclone pre-filters were installed between the gripping tools and the vacuums to collect excess cinnamon dust and other debris to prevent contamination of the vacuums.